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GYM Facilities

24 Hr Access

24 Hr Access

Customers can purchase daily and weekly instant access to the gym, after purchase you will be sent a door code. Monthly and yearly memberships can also be purchased online, you will get instant access with a door code and you will be given a door card key for futur access, this can be found at the reception desk in an envelope.
Reception Desk

Reception Desk

Well not quite, The desk is located next to the lockers. On your left when you first enter the gym. We put the access card in an envelope with the members name on it.. The envelopes are located just to the left of the liability waivers.
Weight Room

Weight Room

Our weight room is made up of free weights, racks and machines.

The free weights consist of dumbbells ranging from 2lbs all the way up to 100 pounds. With six different style adjustable benches to use. There are various types of bars for different types of lifting and a rowing mine. With over 2000lbs of plates to go with them.

The racks consist of 2 Squat racks, flat bench press and incline bench racks. A Smith machine and a plated loaded leg press. Along with a leg extension and leg curl equipment for lower body isolation.

Other muscle isolation equipment would include a Lat pull down unit and a stackable cable crossover machine. Miscellaneous equipment includes a Plyo box, Ab wheels, core benches, pull up bars, jump ropes and much more.

Cardio Room

Cardio Room

Our Cardio room consists of 3 Ellipticals, 2 treadmills and a stair stepper.

The elliptical is a great alpine ski training tool and a good way to get in shape for the up and coming ski season. They are easy on the joints due to the low impact design but great for an all around work.

The treadmill is the most common piece of gym equipment but also the most used. This is a great way to build endurance walking or running while staying warm on those cold winter months.

The stair stepper or climber is a great lower body workout and it will get your butt in shape for that next 14er.

General Fitness Room

General Fitness Room

The bonus room is located upstairs in the gym and focused towards body weight exercises. There are 2 bicycles and a rowing machine on one side of the room along with 2 Battle ropes. The lighter rope is 1 1/2" x 40ft and the heavier rope is 2" x 30ft. A set of TRX straps hang in the middle of the room for an all around body-weight resistance training. There is also a heavy punching bag with two sets of gloves for kick boxing or just stress relief.

A mixture of Kettle bells, Medicine balls, Exercise balls, Balance Balls and hand weights are located on an additional rack for a complete aerobic workout. There is a Dip and Core stand and also a back extension machine in this area.

Stretching is an important aspect to every workout. We have a large selection of foam rollers, rumble rollers and mobility enhancing apparatuses. These are ideal for improving recovery time and great for smoothing out sore muscles.

For any Fitness/ Yoga instructors interested in hosting their own classes, this room is available for rent at a cost effective rate.

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